The goal of the game is to open the squares and accumulate points.
Opening the square you get points (score) from 1 to 10.
The cost of a square increases 2 times each time.(Sqiare Opening Price)
Every second, money equal to your points is added.(Money)
1 - Daily booster - Increases by 10 minutes the number of points by 10 times. Can be used 1 time per day.
2 - x2 - For 1500, money increases the number of points when opening a square.
3 - Expand area - Increases the number of squares (go to the next level).Before you need to open all the squares!
4 - Clear - Sale of open blocks.
Return 80% of the cost, if the game is running 10 minutes. More than 10 minutes, then 100% is returned.
5 - Save - Saves level and money! Everything else is not saved!
By opening this block you can get from 1 to 10 score.
By opening this block you can get from -10 to 10 score.


1. When opening the first blocks, try to get the maximum number (20), since their opening is very cheap. This will help you x2 and clear.
2. Do not try to go directly to the next level. It is better to save more money.
3. Do not forget to use the booster, it increases the number of points by 10 times.
4. When there are red squares, then it is better to open them at the very beginning.
5. The easiest way to make money is to click on a gift that appears in a random place every 10-100 seconds.

Update (1/18/20):

1. Fixed bug with booster.
2. A Restart button has been added. It is activated when all blocks are open. By clicking you start the level all over again, but the collected points are saved, and becomes an additional source of income.
3. After the restart of the level, the money spent is returned to the last square. If the points are less than 50%, then 50% returns. If more than 50%, then 75%.
4. Starting money reduced from 500 to 5.
5. Now the cost of the square increases by 1.6 times.

6. Added bonus on the duration of the game.

Save the collected points and start the level again. (Read the updates).
Bonus on the duration of the game.
5 minutes - x2
10 minutes - x4
15 minutes - x8
20 minutes - x16
25 minutes - x20
30 minutes - x40
45 minutes - x80
60 minutes - x100

1. Bugs fixed.
2. Now the time bonus is increasing and the number of score in the gift.
3. Now the clear button does not clear the field, and with this button you can sell open blocks (since the game does not save open blocks after exiting, now you can sell them before exiting, thereby saving the accumulated money.

Update (1/20/20):

Update (1/23/20):

1. At the top you can now see the current level and the number of "restart" score.
2. Now, after completing the level at the next, 50% of the money spent on opening the last block is returned.
3. Daily boosters increased to 100.

1. Bugs fixed. (Thank you so much player with the nickname Rawlie).

2. Fixed bug buttons clear.
3. Fixed text errors..

Update (1/28/20):