idleSlime.text incremental idle game

You are a blue slime, your goal is to become the strongest,and this means you need to upgrade, you need to adapt, you need to evolve.

Upgrade to level 80.

This is easy, since the battle takes place in idle mode!

— Upgrade to level 80.This is easy, since the battle takes place in idle mode!

— More than 25 enemy, each needs its own tactics.

— More than 15 slimes with different features,turn into them to pass the next boss.

— Various items and artifacts to facilitate the game balance!

0.7.6 beta (Experience)
-Corrected the system of accruing Experience.
-Added a New Artifact (First)
And other small fixes:
-Now in (5-10) battle with the snake points are accumulated.
-Now for those who are more than level 80, they can see their level (earlier instead of the level a text appeared with a proposal to start from the beginning (prestige))
-Fixed Daily Login Bonus
-Fixed errors in the text (in battle)

0.7.7 beta (Bugs)
-Added autosave (in battle) and dark theme.
-Regression potion can now be crafted
-The chance of artifacts drop is reduced by 2 times.
-Fixed Poison_Slime
-Correcting water monsters.(Starfish,Frog,SeaUrchin)
-Fixed FinalBoss(Hell Demon)
And other improvements and fixes.

0.7.8 beta (Candy)
-add EVENT
-fixed training location
-add Magic_Slime(unlc after the rebirth (prestige))
-changed the background color

0.7.9 beta (New Slimes)
— Add Big Slime,Iron Slime
— Now the log shows the number of items collected for crafting \ evolution
— Since April 1 has passed, now the candy drop is reduced by 2 times
And small fixes

0.8.0 beta (New locations (after prestige))
— Add Elemental_Slime “Deals damage to all elements”
— Add artefact Traveler Book (0.02xp/s)
— Add new enemy:
Elementalist [~herolvl+gives more experience]
Spear Hero[80lvl]
Crossbow Hero[80lvl]
Shield Hero[80lvl]
-Expanded the table of records in Konge
-Fixed a bug so that after 3 bosses all levels open.

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